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Have Mercy Upon Salafiyyah… By : Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Ibn Taamee Al-Utaybee

A Monumental advice by Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Al-Utaybee to the Salafees with regards to their conduct and disunity, and the effect it is having on the Da’wah.

The advice was originally written in Rajab, 1435h however it is more relevant today in light of recent disunity, differences and discord occurring amongst the Salafee mashaykh and youth.

The advice has been praised by Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee, he encouraged to read and spread it. It is hoped that through the implementation of this advice – as well as previously scholarly advice – the Salafee youth will realise the evil effect of their discord and work towards rectifying this.

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Salafi Scholars about Teaching & Conveying the True Da’wah Without Tazkiyah / Shahadaat (certifications)




Lets See What Salafi Scholars Says Abou this Issue 

Al Allamah Shaykh Abdal-Muhsin al-Abbaad.

Al Allamah Shaykh. Saleh Al Fawzaan 

Al Allamah Shaykh. Uthyameen 

Al Allamah Shaikh. Rabee

Shaykh. Zayd AL Madkhali

Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee 

Shaykh Ahmed an-Najmee

Shaykh. Sulayaman Ar Ruhaylee 

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IS Tazkiyah A Condition Before Knowledge Can Be Taken from A Person…?? What Salafi Scholars Said About This..?




If Any  Salafi Scholar Studied In Madina University or any other salafi Universities or he may be A Student of Well Versed Knowledge (salafi).  if he have A Saheeh Aqeedah & Manhaj. IF He want to give Dawah to the  people so he can Give Dawah or Teach the People. But Not For Majhool ( Unknown ) if his Aqeeda and manhaj is Unkown or not clear. 

Rather Salafi  Kibaar Scholars said if Any Salafi Alim or Student of Well Versed Knowledge  he is known for sound creed and Methodology but none of the Scholars know him, but the rest of his brothers testify for him with sound creed and methodology.. Then he can Give dawah or teach the People.

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Doing Tabdee is for Kibar Scholars Not for Student of knowledge By : Shaikh. Ahmed An-Najamee



Shaykh Ahmed An-Najamee said in Al- (Fataawaa Al-Jaliyyah, volume 2: )

“It is not permissible for the beginning student of knowledge to declare someone an innovator, or declare someone a disbeliever until he is Qualified to do that.

And he must refer the matter back to the senior (Kibaar) people of knowledge in particular, because Allaah, the Most High, says: “If only they had referred it to the Messenger or to those charged with authority among them, the proper investigators would have understood it from them (directly).” (An-Nisaa:83)

*It is not appropriate for the beginning student of knowledge to declare people unreliable (Jarh), or declare people innovators(Tabdee’) from his ownself.

However, he must take from the statement of the people of knowledge who are considered (authorities). And there is no harm in him speaking from one of the scholars if he is sure of their statement in declaring someone unreliable (At-Tajreeh). And Allaah is the Giver of success…

the matter of describing someone with innovation and boycotting the innovator, this is (for) whoever the scholars declare to be an innovator. And do not be hasty O you small students, to pass judgment on any person with the declaration of innovation, even if the person has with him an innovation, until you present that back to the scholars and they assist you in that. Without this (referring back to the scholars), then you all do not do anything of that.”

Also Shaykh Ahmed An-Najamee has said else where “…that the common people and the beginning students of knowledge, it is not appropriate for them to be hasty in passing judgments on others besides them until they refer back to the people of knowledge, who are greater than themselves, and those who know these affairs. Indeed they have dealt with these affairs for a long time…”

{Fataawaa Al-Jaliyyah, volume 2 }

Salafi Scholars on ” Jamiyat Ahle hadees Hind ” and Removing the Misconception Upon “Jamiyat Ahle hadees “



Salafi Scholars on ” Jamiyat Ahle hadees Hind ” and Removing the Misconception Upon “Jamiyat Ahle hadees “

1. Shaykh. Suhaymee On “Jamiyat Ahle hadees “

Link :

2. Shaykh.Saleh Al Fawzaan on Jamiyat Ahle hadees Hind

Link :

3.Shaykh. Bin Baaz on “Jamiyat Ahle hadees Hind”

Link :

4. Shaykh. Abdullah Nasir Rehmani on Jamiyat Ahle hadees and Removing the Misconceptions.

Link :

5. Al IFTA Shaykh.Bin Baaz Fatwa on “Jamiyat Ahle hadees Hind ”

Link :

6.Shaykh.Maqsoodul Hasan Faizi on ” Jamiyat Ahle hadees ” & removing the Misconception upon Jamiyat Ahle hadees.

Link :

7: Shaikh. Yasir Al jabri on ” Jamiyat Ahle hadees & removing the Misconception upon Jamiyat Ahle hadees

Link :

8. Shaykh.Abu zaid zameer on Jamiyat Ahle hadees

Link :


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Al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel is Only Allowed For Scholars. It Is Not Allowed for Talibe ILM



Al-Jarh wat-Ta’deel is Only Allowed For Scholars. It Is Not Allowed for Talibe ILM

Indeed , A Gateway to evil has been opened in these days. The Student Of Knowledge is Involving In matter of ‘Jarh wa Ta’deel’. Nobody achieves proficiency or has the ability in relation to the subject of ‘Jarh wa Ta’deel’ except Scholars In islam.

We know this and we traverse upon this; that ‘Jarh wa Ta’deel’ – which the scholars were known for – they traversed upon this way and this was within the confines and legislation of the Sharee’ah…

Now Let We See What Scholars Say About This Issue.

1. Shaykh. Al- Allamah Saleh Al Fawzaan { Hafidaullah }

Question : We Want An Advice Regarding Some Scholars Who Fall Into Creed Related Errors who are There After Refuted So THAT it becames Chaos is it Good And For the Knowledge KNOWN STUDENTS Who Should Do it…???

Shaykh. Salaeh AL Fawzaan Replyed : It Is, As Said , OBLIGATORY That ” ONLY ” The Scholars Refute. They Know How They Should Refute And How They Should Reject The Doubts. And When it is Time for Refutation and When It is not time for the refutation.

This Is Referred Back to The Scholars. if the Brothers Lack The Ability their duty is to take the matter to the scholars. This is a type of cooperation upon Birr (piety) and Taqwa (fear of Allah).

Source :

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Salafiyyah – The Straight Path


Introduction: The Salafi dawah is a methodology and not a sect or madhab as it has never had any one overall leader expect the prophet Muhammad r all other sects, groups or madhabs have a founder or overall leader either in the past or today. Salafis also do not blindly-follow anyone scholars understanding of Islam in every issue unlike groups and sects with in Islam. Salafis follow the scholars of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah also known as Ahlus Sunnah from the past and of today collectively on all issues.

Salafis can come from the Maliki, the Shafi’i, the Hanbali, or the Hanafi schools of law.

Salafis accept teaching of all four schools of law but only if their rulings are supported by clear and authenticated evidences from the Quran and Sunnah. Salafis reject blind-following (taqleed) and call to Ittibaa following and obedience to the Messenger of Allah r.

They only say a person should not blind follow a madhab. By this what is meant is following only one madhab in every issue without knowing their evidences believing this madhab is correct on every issue, while rejecting every other madhab on every issue without knowing their evidences, believing they are wrong on every issue.

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