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Shaykh WaseeUllaah Abbas on Some of The Youth who Claim Salafiyyah while Attacking The Scholars




Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas said : 

“There is A group in the world They Take their knowledge from internet, WhatsApp, and they restrict to this and gather sayings form around the world, and they think they became scholars, and they lead the laypeople on their own and misguide them the laymen. They have no knowledge of the religion and attack the scholars, they spread sayings (against some scholars and students of knowledge) this is spreading, they are blind followers of a person in the UK(Abu Khadeeja) whose level of knowledge is only a teacher of science, and he learned from here and there the difficulty is that there are some scholars and students of knowledge, who nobody cares about (i.e. nobody asks them), and he calls them and does lecture with them and increases his value through them.

I am telling you this reality with experience
I say to these youth: you are going (to be) misguided, if you want good in this world and in the hereafter, hold your tongues and follow the way of learning, knowledge that Allah instructed us with. Learn knowledge first, learn Tawheed, sunnah, Aqeedah and teach them to people, and know who is upon the correct Aqeedah. saying someone is weak in Aqeedah 

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A Caution Against Some Newly invented Methodologies that have Arisen under the banner of Salafiyyah! By : Reviewed by: Shaykh Wasiyyullaah ‘Abbaas





The Advice


A caution against some newly invented methodologies that have arisen under the banner of Salafiyyah!


Reviewed by: Shaykh Wasiyyullaah ‘Abbaas, Teacher and Mufti at the Haram in Makkah

Initial review done by ahlul ‘ilm at Bangalore, India

Compiled by: Abu Sahl Omer




It was from the great Mercy of Allaah and His Fadhl that we had two scholars of high standing and excellence visiting us recently, here in Bangalore, India. They were the esteemed

Shaykh Saalih ibn Sa’d as Suhaymee from Madeenah and the noble Shaykh Muhammad ibn

Ramzaan al Haajiree from Jubail, KSA; may Allaah preserve them both.

We benefitted immensely from their duroos (lessons) and advices during their short stay of 6 days, alhamdulillaah. This was the Imaam Abu Haneefah Dawrah (seminar) that was organized in the month of Safar 1434H in the city of Bangalore in India by Kulliyyatul Hadeeth and CIS (Center for Islamic Studies), under the patronage of Jamiat Ahle Hadith, India and Shaykh Wasiullaah Abbaas hafidhahullaah (Mufti at al-Masjid ul-Haram, Makkah).


One particular advice that was given by Shaykh Saalih as Suhaymee was to seek knowledge and to benefit from the people of knowledge who are present locally with us here in Bangalore, and in India. He said that some people have come up with newly invented ideas that “we should not sit with or benefit from the local people of knowledge here” and so on

– he said that all of this is from falsehood. This advice is extremely clear and detailed, such that it leaves no room for doubt. The Shaykh had requested to spread the recording of this advice across India (in addition to another clarification that dealt with another topic)!!

 The recording of this advice can be listened to CLICK HERE

However even after a clarification and advice as clear as the sun, we find little or no signs of change or repentance from the people responsible for spreading this kind of misguided thinking. Rather they are seen inventing dubious arguments and are still trying to find ways around this advice. They have been advised several times before, by people of knowledge and other than them, but with little or no effect. However, this advice is probably one of the most profound and most clear advices, and that too coming from a senior scholar of our Ummah, known for his strength in the Sunnah and knowledge across the world, Shaykh Saalih as Suhaymee hafidhahullaah.

We fear for these people who refuse to change their ways despite the truth being so clear and radiant, that this may be a cause for Allaah to misguide them further. We also fear for the common people who may fall prey to the doubts that are spread by these people, as they may be fooled by their apparent righteousness and adherence to the Sunnah.

For these reasons we sought to bring out an advice for the benefit of all. This advice is aimed mainly at two or three categories of people.

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Have Mercy Upon Salafiyyah… By : Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Ibn Taamee Al-Utaybee

A Monumental advice by Shaykh Badr Ibn Alee Al-Utaybee to the Salafees with regards to their conduct and disunity, and the effect it is having on the Da’wah.

The advice was originally written in Rajab, 1435h however it is more relevant today in light of recent disunity, differences and discord occurring amongst the Salafee mashaykh and youth.

The advice has been praised by Shaykh Saalih As-Suhaymee, he encouraged to read and spread it. It is hoped that through the implementation of this advice – as well as previously scholarly advice – the Salafee youth will realise the evil effect of their discord and work towards rectifying this.

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The Difference between the Salafi methodology and Tahazzub in the name of Salafiyyah By : Shaykh Muhammad ibn Salih Al-‘Uthaymeen


“Honourable shaykh, may Allah reward you. We would like to know what salafiyyah as methodology entails. Should we ascribe to it? May we disapprove of those who do not ascribe to it or disapproves of naming oneself with the word salafi or similar to it?” 

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On saying such and such is not a Salafi, or does not belong to the Salafees By : Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan


“In recent times again and again the dispute comes up of which one says, “Such and such is not a Salafi” or “does not belong to the Salafees”. Is this expression considered to be Tabdee’ (i.e. a declaration of someone being an innovator)? And is it required to provide the evidence against him?” 

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Explaining “the one who does not declare the innovator to be an innovator is an innovator” By : Shaykh ‘Abdul-Muhsin bin Hamad al-‘Abbaad


“He says: “Oh our Shaykh, you mentioned yesterday that the one who does not declare the innovator to be innovator, is not to be put together with him (that innovator), and that it is not binding upon him to agree with he whom declares him (that innovator) to be an innovator. However, some people of knowledge mentioned that the one who does not declare the innovator to be an innovator is to be put together with him. So is therefore the difference in this issue only a semantic (a verbal) one?” 

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An Advice to the Young and Students of Knowledge who are engaged in taking Account and searching for the Mistakes of the Du’aat By : Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan


“We beg you to give an advice to many of the young and students of knowledge who are engaged in taking account and searching for the mistakes of the Du’aat. And interpret their words in the ugliest manner possible; which has lead to the enjoyment of Ahl al-Bida’ with the suffering of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah.”

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