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Sincere Advice to Every Christian – Dr. Saleh As-Sale



The Qur’an, being Allah’s Word, confirms and attests to the true nature of Jesus, and this is not known by many people. This book will introduce the reader to the Qur’anic texts related to Jesus, peace be upon him, hoping that the truth regarding the personality of Jesus becomes clear.

By : Dr.Saleh As Saleh 


The Status of Jesus in Islaam..| by Shaikh Dr. Rabee’ Ibn Haadee Al Madkhalee (May Allaah protect and Preserve him)



About the Book: This is a translation of a short essay “Makaanatu ‘Eesaa filIslaam” (The Status of Jesus in Islaam) written by Dr. Rabee’ bin Haadee AlMadkhalee, a Muslim religious scholar from Saudi Arabia. The source used for this translation was the on-line version of the book, which can be found on

Since the book, for the most part, is geared towards non-Muslim readers, particularly Christians, names of prophets and other righteous believers of the past are presented here in their standard English version, even though, they are pronounced differently in Arabic by Muslims. This was done to make it easier for the non-Muslim audience, who are not accustomed to the Arabic versions of these names, to read the treatise.

Also, in many instances, the word “Allaah” was translated as God, in order to assist non-Muslim readers understand the subject at hand more clearly. However, the proper name of God, Allaah, was left as is in other parts where deemed appropriate.

It is hoped that this treatise may serve as a means to invite and call the Christian community to develop an understanding of how Jesus is viewed in the eyes of the Muslims and what we believe concerning him, as revealed to us by Allaah in the Qur’aan and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad






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