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The calamity of the self-proclaimed state ISIS (Daiesh) not only caused massive destruction and killings in the Muslim Lands, but it also caused a great loss to the global peace and security. The youth are being misguided by the satanic ideologies of ISIS that are widespread through the electronic and the social media sites, resulting in their participation in deadly terrorist activities in different countries throughout the world.

After reading this book, one will realize the fact that ISIS was never a state that represents the true teachings of Islam, rather it was solely formed to distort the image of Islam and the Muslims by misquoting the verses of Qur’an and the prophetic traditions, urging the youth in killing none other than their fellow Muslim brothers and sister in their own homelands. 

Islam is a divine religion sent down by the Almighty Creator Allah, that always called towards justice and kindness towards others.


(An Excellent PDF Regarding Warning Against Khawarij (ISIS) Ideology – The Dogs of The Hell Fire) 

Shaykh Hussain Madani (Former Deputy Head of Jamiyat Ahle Hadees, Hyderabad India)

Translated By : Harris Khan (Manchester, U.K)

Publisher: Department of propagation/publication Jam’iat Ahl-e-Hadith, Hyderabad and Sikandarabad, India.

You Can Order Hard Copies From Amazon : CLICK HERE

Languages : Both English & Urdu



Fatwas of Shaykh.Bin Baaz – Volume 1 to 30 {English}



Sheikh `Abdul `Aziz Bin Abdullah ibn `AbdulRahman ibn Bazz (May Allah forgive and reward al-Firdouse to him and his parents)

He was The Mufti of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

Chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars, and Chairman of Department of Scholarly Research and Ifta’ 

 Majmoo alFatawa IbnBaz in English Volume 1 to 30 

 All The Fatwas In Text Format & Also in PDF Format 

Note : Click The PDF Link Automatically The Book Will Get Downloaded

Text  : VOLUME – 1    

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -1 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 2

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -2 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 3

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -3 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 4

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -4 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 5

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -5 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 6

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -6 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 7

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -7 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 8

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -8 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 9

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -9 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 10

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -10 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 11

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -11 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 12

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -12 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 13

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -13 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 14

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -14 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 15

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -15 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 16

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -16 All Fatwas In PDF

Text VOLUME – 17

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -17 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 18

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -18 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 19

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -19 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 20

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -20 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 21

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -21 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 22

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -22 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 23

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -23 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 24

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -24 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 25

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -25 All Fatwas In PDF

Text :VOLUME – 26

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -26 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 27

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -27 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 28

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -28 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 29

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -29 All Fatwas In PDF

Text : VOLUME – 30

PDF : DOWNLOAD Volume -30 All Fatwas In PDF

Islamic Articles PDF’s in English By : Dr.Saleh As-Saleh



Brothers & Sisters : These Are the Authentic Articles.

By : Dr.Saleh As Saleh ( Rahimaullah ). Please Download the below PDF’s & Read it.


Just Click the below Links. The Articles Will Started Downloading. 


Basic Beliefs  

Creed – Beliefs

Al-Qadaa Wal Qadar — Pre-Decree – Brief Summary

Allaah is An-Nuur — Tafseer Surah An-Nuur 24:35

Knowing Allaah — Quotes from the Quraan

The Shahaadah — The Testimony of Faith

The Messengers — Their Tasks – Their Roles

Worship — Uboodiyyah Slavery To Allaah


Tafseer of verse 35 of surah 24. An-Nuur

Explaining Islam through quotes from Quraan

Explanation of the Shahadah and its conditions

The Role of the Messengers

Fasting – Siyam

 Fasting — Ordinances – Wisdoms – Merits

Audio – Fasting

Pilgrimage – Hajj

Hajj — Day of Arafah Falling on a Friday

Hajj and Tawheed  –  Audio                

Prayer – Salaah

 Adhaan — Ruling On Response To The Adhaan

 Imaamah in Islaam

 The Recitations of the Prophet

– Narrations on Sujood by Sh Ibn Uthaymeen.doc

 Narrations on Sujood by Sh Ibn Uthaymeen



How to Make Wudu — Ablution

How to Perform Salaah — Step by Step Explanation

Legal and Illegal Positions of Tawarruk in Salaat

Prostrations of Forgetfulness

Wudu step by step

Salaah step by step

Chart Sujuud as-Sahw

Sitting Positions During Salaah


Points of Benefit

Points of Benefit – Adhaan – Call to Prayer

Points of Benefit – Direction of Al-Qiblah

Points of Benefit – Greeting Someone in Salaah

Points of Benefit – Importance of Salaah

Points of Benefit – Movements in Salaat

Points of Benefit – Imaam and Ma-muum

Points of Benefit – Times Praying Is Forbidden

Islam For Children

Tawheed for Children – Level 1

Tawheed for Children – Level 2

Prophet Hud — Level 1  –  Prophet Hud — Level 2

Prophet Saalih


Fitan and Deviations


Contemporary Issues

1 – The Fitnah of Takfeer

2 – General Kufr and Its Applications

3 – Al-Bay’aa wal Hizbiyyah

4 – Corrupt Modern Practices

Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers

The Inverted Priorities

Rules of Allaah 

Greater Imaam – Many Rulers

Testing Afflictions and Calamities

Unity of Religions – Elimination of Truth

Religions and Sects

 Avoid Ten Ways That Nullify Islam


 Sufism – Origin and Development




Nukhbatul Fikar

 Classification and Nomenclature

Hadeeth nomenclature – Definitions of Terms

‘Umdatul Ahkaam

Explanation of Umdatul Ahkaam – Hadeeth 1

Hadeeth – 2 – Hadeeth – 3 – Hadeeth – 4

Hadeeth – 5 – Hadeeth – 6

Transcripts of Lectures on ‘Umdatul Ahkaam

Book of Purification




Basic Rulings and Foundations of Fiqh

Fiqh – 01 — Fiqh – 02 Fiqh – 03 Fiqh – 04 Fiqh – 05

Fiqh – 06 Fiqh – 07 Fiqh – 08 — Fiqh – 09 Fiqh – 10 

Fiqh – 11 Fiqh – 12 Fiqh – 13 Fiqh  – 14

 Intro – Basic Principles – Fiqh Foundations

 Sh Sadi’s Book in his own handwriting

 Points of Benefit on Need and Necessity

Benefits from

Books and Duroos

Benefit from Books and Duroos — Q&A format – Part 1

 List of Questions for Assignment

Shaykh Al-‘Uthaymeen rahimahullaah

and Shaykh As-Saghair hafidhaullaah


– Terminology with Islamic Relevance

Ranks vs Knowledge

Categories of People Regarding Knowledge

Study Program

– Individual Study Program Info


Muslim Life 


Daily Issues

A Look at Nasheed

The Three Letters — Isbaal – Smooking – Beard

TV — Yes or No

– My Right to Janazah

 Points of Benefit on Visiting Graves

Marriage Issues

Rulings Regarding Mahr – Dowry

Wedding to Four and Lawfully More

Women Issues

Awrah of Women – Women or Mahrams Present

Natural Blood of Women


New to Islamic Knowledge 


Allaah –

Knowing Him

The Belief in Allaah – Evidences of His Existence

The Transcendence of Allaah

Allaah is the True God

Basic Knowledge –

Testimony of Faith

Explaining the Foundations of Faith

Fiqhul Ibaadat — Understanding Worship

Knowing Prophet Muhammad

The Testimony of Faith — The Shahaadah


Creation versus Evolution — Darwin

The Creation Is In Need of Allaah

Knowing Allaah -Purpose of our Existence

Purpose Behind Creation – Return to Creator

First Contact

 Islam – Is It for Me ? — Read this article and reflect

Islam the Final and Complete Message to Man

Sincere Advice to Every Christian

Who Deserves To Be Worshipped Alone


Noble Quraan

The Noble Quraan

Quraan — English Meaning — Khan and Hilalee

Explanation of the Quraan

Tafseer – Ayatal-Kursee – With Other Benefits

Tafseer – Explanation of Opening Chapter of Quraan

Tafseer – Surah An–Nabaa

The Fifteen Aayaat of Prostration

Notes on The Fifteen Aayaat of Prostration.doc

in the handwriting of Shaykh Ibn Al-‘Uthaymeen

Points of Benefit

Quraan – Rulings on Payments for it



                                              Sources of Inspiration 


Knowing Prophet Muhammad

The Messengers — Their Tasks – Their Roles

Sahaba -Tabi’een

The Search for the Truth — Salman the Persian


– Biography of Shaykh Abdus Salaam Bin Bargis.pps

Interview with Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen’s Wife


Umm Saalih – A Grand-Mother Memorizes Quraan

Advices – Reminders

 Advices – Sabr Patience Perseverance

Special files

 The Hadeeth on the Fly

Qu’ran In Roman Urdu Tarjuma By : Moulana Mohammad Junaagadi


Book : Al Qu’ran Al- Kareem 

Author : Moulana Mohammad Junaagadi {Rahimaullah}



Note : Please Read This Book Online or Download This Book in Your Mobile/PC in PDF Format. Don’t Do Print.


The Book ‘Al’Iti’baa’a and the Principles of Fiqh of the Righteous Predecessors’ By : Shaykh. Wasiullah Abbas { Hafidaullah }


The book ‘Al’Iti’baa’a and the Principles of Fiqh of the Righteous Predecessors’ into the English Language…

By : Shaykh. Wasiullah Abbas { Hafidaullah }

Book Link :…/ih_books/single2/en_alitibaa.pdf

Usool-e-Salaasa By : Shaykh. Mohammad Bin Abdul Wahab


Kitaab: Usool-E-Salaasah. (Taruf)

Muallif: Shaikhul Islam Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahab Rahimahullah.

Transilation: Abu Arqam Salafi.

Nashir: Maktaba Al-Usaid, Hyd.

In Roman Urdu Text Format : Syed Ibraheem Salafi.

(Kuy ki ye kitab pdf mein hai aur bohat se logon ke paas pdf open nahi hota is liye main syed ibraheem salafi is ko likh raha hu, aur ye kitab bohat aaham hai har musalman ke liye, Allah meri is koshish ko qubool farmaye. Aameen)


Maut ke ba’d insaan ko pahle pahal jis awwaleen marhale se guzarna hai woh qabar ka marhala hai, iss marhale mein laazmi taur par har aadmi ko teen sawaalaat ka saamna karna padta hai:

1.Tumhaara Rab kaun hai?

2.Tumhaara Deen kiya hai?

3.Tumhaare Nabi kaun hai?

Bazaahir yeh teen muktasar aur bahut aasaan se nazar aane waale sawaalaat hai, lekin kiya har shakhs waqe’atab in sawaalaat ka saamna kaamyaabi se karle jaayega?

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List of 84 Aqeedah Books of Ahlus-Sunnah wal Jama’ah – by Dr Murtaza Bakhsh (hafiđħahu Allah)



1. KITAB AS-SUNNAH – Al-Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal [d.241 AH    

2. KITAB AS-SUNNAH – Al-Imam ‘Abdullah Bin Ahmad Bin Hanbal, (the son of Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal) [d.290 AH]
3. KITAB AS-SUNNAH – Al-Imam Abu Bakr Ahmad Bin Muhammad Al-Khallal [d.211 AH]
4. KITAB AS-SUNNAH – Al-Imam Al-Hafidh Abu Bakr Bin Abi ‘Aasim [d.287 AH]
5. KITAB AS-SUNNAH – Al-Imam Muhammad Bin Nasr, known as Al-Marwazi but Al-Marwuzi is more correct [d.294 AH]

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